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Gratitude and Gratefulness

Dear Kimberly,

I have spent weeks trying to put into words the gratitude and gratefulness that I feel about the support you and your team have given me. But there are no words that describe the compassion and kindness you have bestowed on my husband, myself and my family at a very difficult time in our lives.

After my husband's accident, I didn't know if I could cope financially with paying off our debts, raising our family and all the medical expenses.

The lengths you went to, to ease the financial burden of living for me and my family seemed like it was another day at the office. It means so much to us that you actually care and for that I say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

I have shared with many the story of how you helped me at a very difficult time. I will never forget this.

Providing a Brighter Future

My husbands work was seasonal and with an extended period of time off due to economic and environmental impacts, we started to struggle financially. We tried to consolidate but our bank declined us. Starting to feel the over whelming stress of falling behind in payments and feeling the full impact of severe financial hardship, not only on our credit rating but our marriage and family, we decided to contact Debt Rescue to try and get us back on track before our situation got worse.

We cannot thank them enough for their understanding , compassion and non-judgmental approach to assisting us with the best possible solution for our situation. Our case manager Angie is an absolute professional and has gone over and above to assist and support us. Angie would liaise with us frequently and keep us informed every step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise in providing us with the best outcome to reduce and repay our debt has been such a relief to us especially during this extremely stressful time.  Debt Rescue and Angie have shown us a light at the end of the tunnel to be debt free and never fall into the credit trap again.

Thank you Angie and Debt Rescue for helping us get our lives back on track and providing us with a brighter future.

Kind and Understanding

We are pleased to be able to complete this (Debt Agreement) in a timely manner and help us to focus on my medical issues and prepare for the journey we have a head of us.

Thank you especially to Julia who we always felt has helped us out with any questions and was very kind and understanding when my husband called to advised the reasons as to why we needed to pay this off now.  We will certainly pass family or friends who are in need of professional assistance.

Happy Camper

Thank you Alex,  I am a very happy camper.  Thank you again for you and your wonderful teams' assistance in this matter.

My Lifesaver

Well where do I start? I guess I made one mistake in life and that is when I was married  for 26 years, I used to earn the money but I never knew the household budget and how the money was supposed to be spent. My wife handled all that and I didn't want to know anything about it (how wrong was that). My marriage broke down in 2013 and that was tough but I was able to move on. I quickly realised that I was  earning big money and I went out and just started spending it on cars and whatever else I wanted. I did this not realising that the 'big money' I was earning was quickly going. Life was good for a while, but I had maxed out all my credit card and it soon dawned on me - Oh no! What have I done? I had no money. The repayments were huge, plus the interest was killing me. I started having health problems but still had to work 70+ hours a week and I was still loosing out. I had no money and things really started to get really bad for me.

That's when I came across my lifesaver, Kimberly. She talked to me honestly and laid it all on the line, talk about a wake up call! I thought, what the hell have I done here? I thought I could just buy  what I wanted and just pay it off, but without really knowing about my regular expenses, I was living way beyond my means. Kimberly spoke to me about entering into a Part 9 Debt Agreement. Even though I didn't want it at the start, it turns out now it's been the best thing I have ever done. I have no stress over money, my health is good and I have a new lease on life! Kimberly and Debt Rescue  have been so professional in helping me  get  back on my feet. I still have a long way to go but I can tell you now, it's my new start in life and I'm 50 yrs old.

Thank you Kimberly, you are my lifesaver and I will be thankful and very grateful to you and your company for all that you have done for me.

Happier Times Ahead

I hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did thanks to you!! You are defiantly in the job you should be in. Your compassion and support is absolutely amazing and you are exactly what people in these situations need to have on their side. The stress I have personally felt with these issues that you have helped my Mum with is nothing compared to what others experience on a day to day basis. I  have attached the signed paperwork as requested. Mum has not stopped smiling and I feel as though I have my beautiful Mum back and look forward to happier times ahead.

Refreshing Change

Thank you once again!  Your empathy to my situation was a refreshing change. I really don't know what I'd do without your help over the phone. I'm looking forward to our next call.

Life Saver!

Thank you very much Kimberly for doing that. It's no wonder I don't stress anymore . You personally are my life saver and from the bottom of my heart I would just like to say THANK YOU!

Get out of debt and avoid bankruptcy

Thank you so much for all you have done. I didn't think it would be possible to sort out my debts and was trying to come to grips with going bankrupt. But thanks to you I can keep my house. Thanks again.

Ease the Debt Stress

Thank you for speaking with me this morning. I have attached the signed documents for your viewing. This means so much to me, being able to ease the stress a little. Thank you.

Delighted to pay off debt

You are a champion! Thank you sooooo much for your kindness, patience and perseverance, we are just thrilled with the outcome. (My Husband) was delighted to pay both debts out today, which in turn made my day. Thank you.

Working together to get out of debt

Thanks so much for the follow up earlier this month, apologies for the delay in getting this paperwork to you. Really happy to have you guys working with me to sort this stuff out.

Looking forward to a stress-free life

Thanks again for all your assistance, I'm so relieved to have options and be able to take steps in moving forward with my life. Your knowledge and kindness have reassured me and resolved major stresses I've been experiencing regarding taking this step.

I've explained my decision about engaging with Debt Rescue with my family and friends, so far there has been a positive response and my older sister even offered to help pay my Debt Rescue fee which is amazing and generous considering she has her own life and expenses.

I'm really excited about now having a light at the end of the tunnel. It will definitely improve the quality of all aspects of my life no matter the outcome as I know action is finally being taken!

I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow and starting the process of having a less stressful life.

Keeping Fingers Crossed

Thanks Lucy. I feel so much more in control now. Thank you for your support and I'll keep my fingers crossed for approval on the Debt Agreement. I know I'm going to be okay.

Dreaming of a Debt Free Life

I just dream of all the things I'm gonna do when I'm over this. Thanks for your support and I really don't think I could have sorted through this without you. It actually feels good to pay these bills. Cheers, have a great day.

You can never be sure of anything

I think you are wonderfully empathetic. I'm a qualified psychologist and you wouldn't think I'd have had too many problems but life has taught me that one can never be sure of anything.

Thank you again. Your professionalism and compassion is marvellous and you've been very kind to me.

The magic touch

I think your clients are extremely lucky, as is your company.  You've walked the walk so have a real understanding of what can happen when finances go haywire. I think you sprinkle a little magic on people.

After the final Debt Agreement payment

Hi Grant,

That is great news and I much appreciate the help and professionalism from Debt  Rescue.

Even though I got myself into the situation it is a load off to know it is finalised.

Once again thank you for your help.

Debt Rescue is willing to go the extra mile

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for everything you have done, and everything you are willing to do. I appreciate it beyond measures, and thankful you understand.

Sleeping better at night

Dear Debt Rescue,

Thankyou for dealing with this so quickly -  (My wife*)  and I are very grateful for the help you have all given us over the last couple of months and I know we are both sleeping better that's for sure.

Anyway thanks again.

You don’t need to lose your home to debt

We are a family with 3 young children.   We had our house built for us by family and were so thankful to have this done. We have a mortgage too  and found ourselves in financial difficulty to the point of bankruptcy and losing our home. A phone call to Debt Rescue was our last resort.

My husband rang them and we went through the process with the team at Debt Rescue.   Without their advice, professionalism and caring, positive attitude we would not be in our home today.

I know people say a house is just material but a home is what you make of it. The memories, security for the children not only within the walls but the friendships they make outside in their street,  makes it their home and to move them from this because of a mistake I made is not what my family deserves. So I just wanted to let others in the same situation know that help may be  available with Debt Rescue and don't be too proud to call them because the longer you leave debt the deeper it becomes and more difficult for you to get out of.

Please ring this genuine company.  It is not a call centre or a place where they just want to make money from you, their hearts are in this for each individual.   You are not just a number. I did contact other companies to no avail so  thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for letting us live again.

Heavy debt weight lifted

I just wanted to thank you very very much for all the help you and the team at Debt Rescue have done for myself and  (my partner*)  during the process of  our Debt Agreement. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done, having the Debt Agreement approved has been a huge weight of our shoulders.

Thank you again.

Debt Rescue is exactly what it says!

We are a retired couple and for both of us, it is our second marriage. Both of us have worked hard throughout our lives. I cared for and lost my first husband to cancer and the medical expenses stripped me of all my finances.

My (now) husband had a very bitter divorce losing two properties and having to pay a high child support payment. Unfortunately he had to retire from his job due to a disability.

Because he had a moderate payout from his employers, he was not eligible for any government assistance. He had to carry on paying all of his expenses out of his personal (savings). Credit cards became a source of cash to get by.

Eventually he became eligible for government assistance after more than a year, still having to pay child support, living on the meagre pensions. The credit card for both of us became out of control. We paid out more on credit cards and ate less food, every day was full of stress.

It became apparent we needed help. Phoning Debt Rescue was the best thing we did, everyone is so helpful, guiding people through every stage.

Our Debt Rescue Case Manager even took our detailed budget home and worked on it over the weekend! Of course she is an expert in her job. Sometimes truth hurts! She advised us the best thing to do was to declare bankruptcy. After the initial shock, we knew she was right.

Debt Rescue cares for the people who seek their help as they put it to us "you will be able to live a decent standard of life again without the hounding of creditors” and they were correct.

To anyone who wishes to solve debt problems, we strongly urge them to lift the phone and speak to the friendly staff at Debt Rescue.

Awoken from the nightmare of debt

Prior to contacting Debt Rescue my partner and I had in excess of $80,000 worth of combined debt, comprising mainly of credit cards and a couple of personal loans each.   It was an endless situation, with what appeared to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Night after night, creditors would call, the calls would start at 6pm and go until 9.30pm and if it wasn't a call on the home phone then it would be both mobiles.   It was one's worst nightmare come true, there was no escape, and certainly escalated tension in the household.

The situation arose for a number of reasons, mainly my partner's work. As a tradesman the work he undertook was often seasonal, working with firms that would take weeks or months to pay would often leave a shortfall more often than not.   Budgeting was out of the question as no-one knew when or how much the next payment would be which was enough to anger any creditor that called. Credit cards were used one after another just to make ends meet, but as there were no regular wages coming in then payments began to get behind. We were both aware the situation was out of control and it would only be a matter of time before our assets could be repossessed, not to mention the stress and ill health on one's self.   We had to act, and fast.   I Googled the net searching for "struggling with debt" and found Debt Rescue. I really liked their slogan and therefore decided to contact them.

Although very apprehensive, I made the call to Debt Rescue that call changed our lives. A lovely lady called Kim walked me through the process and options available and reassured us every step of the way, Kim made it so easy and just hearing her voice each day was reassuring in itself.  We entered into a Debt Agreement, which although not ideal, prevented us going bankrupt. We got to keep all our assets, and the best thing is no more harassing phone calls from creditors. We have a life again!

Thank you Kim, I'm eternally grateful for all your help and that of Debt Rescue.

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