At Debt Rescue, we're dedicated to finding the right solution to get you out of debt as fast as possible.

Since commencing operations in 2005, Debt Rescue has helped thousands of Australians get out of debt once and for all. We understand there’s a no one-size-fits-all solution to debt, which is why we offer a broad range of debt relief solutions to tailor to any financial situation.

Trusted Solutions

In a time of financial hardship, you need reliable advice, meaningful information and respect. You can count on us to tailor a debt relief solution to your budget and financial circumstances.

We Care

We're different because we care. Our team will treat you with respect and empathy and take the time to understand your situation to find the best debt relief solution available for your needs.

Judgement-Free Service

We understand the stress and negative impact being in debt can have on your financial wellbeing, which is why we provide reliable, meaningful advice in a friendly, judgement-free environment.

How it Works

Whether you have personal loans, high interest credit card debts or utility bills you can’t afford to pay, we can help you regain control of your debts so you can get back to what matters the most.

At Debt Rescue, we know there is a no one-size-fits-all approach to managing debt, which is why we take the time to understand your situation to provide the best solution moving forward. We offer a wide range of solutions including a Part 9 Debt Agreement, Informal Debtstroyer Agreement, Debt Settlement, Agribusiness Arrangement, Moratorium and Loan Renegotiation which all fall under our exclusive Debt Management Plan.

The best debt relief solution for you will depend on your individual situation. Our aim is to provide an alternative solution to Bankruptcy – so you can avoid the serious consequences and limitations it carries.

3 Easy Steps

  • Get in touch with us at Debt Rescue
  • Your Case Manager will collect information from your creditors
  • We will provide you with a tailored debt relief solution


With our Debt Management Plan, you may be able to reduce your total debt amount by up to 80% and be debt free in 3 years. Pay what is affordable for a set period of time and creditors will write off the remaining debts.

The below example shows how you could benefit from a DMP.


Debt: $20,000Creditors: 3



per month



per month

Total amount of debt reduced:$11,000



In this example, the DMP client was able to get 55% of their debts written off by creditors, a total of $11,000 at the end of their DMP.

Our clients creditors will need to agree to the DMP, and regular payments will be based on individual circumstances. Credit rating will be affected. Fees will be added to the DMP, but not charged additionally, and are subject to individual circumstances.

How We Help

Flexible Payments

Under our Debt Management Plan, we can combine your unsecured debts into just one, flexible payment based on your budget so you can get your finances back on track.

Stop Creditor Harassment

All calls and harassment from creditors will cease once they recognise we are working with you to find a positive solution to your financial situation.

Alleviate Stress

We’ll help alleviate debt-stress and get your finances back on track by pausing all interest and fees while we work with you to put a long-term plan in place.

Regain Financial Control

With Debt Rescue, you can be debt free in as little as 3 years. We'll help you regain control of your finances today and get back to what matters the most.

"My experience once being handed over to Debt Rescue has been easy and I've been updated frequently on progress and next steps. Very happy with the service."

Types of Debt Management Plans

Our professional team understands each person’s circumstances are different, which is why we offer a range of creditor agreement options under the Debt Management Plan. This ensures the outcome achieved for you is suitable and sustainable. A summary of our Debt Management options:

Debt Agreement

A Part 9 Debt Agreement is a legal and binding agreement with your creditors. A Debt Agreement outlines a new payment arrangement which will reduce your debts, pause your interest, reduce your payment amounts and generally last between 3 to 5 years.

Debtstroyer Agreement

A Debtstroyer Agreement (Informal Agreement) aims to reduce repayments and pause or reduce interest on your debts. It is a private arrangement directly between you and your creditors to ensure your debts are manageable based on your budget.

Debt Settlement

If you have access to a lump sum which is not sufficient to repay your outstanding debts in full, a Debt Settlement may help. It is designed to waiver or reduce debt amounts to allow final settlement with your creditors.


An Agribusiness arrangement is a specific arrangement for those caught up in failed agribusiness loan schemes. It can take the form of a long-term payment arrangement or lump sum settlement, depending on your individual circumstances.


A Moratorium is a short term arrangement with creditors (secured or unsecured) which pauses or significantly reduces repayments and interest over a period of 3 to 12 months.

Loan Renegotiation

Loan Renegotiation is a renegotiation of current loan terms and conditions to reduce interest, increase the loan term with ultimate outcome being a reduction in the minimum loan repayments.