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My husbands work was seasonal and with an extended period of time off due to economic and environmental impacts, we started to struggle financially. We tried to consolidate but our bank declined us. Starting to feel the over whelming stress of falling behind in payments and feeling the full impact of severe financial hardship, not only on our credit rating but our marriage and family, we decided to contact Debt Rescue to try and get us back on track before our situation got worse.

We cannot thank them enough for their understanding , compassion and non-judgmental approach to assisting us with the best possible solution for our situation. Our case manager Angie is an absolute professional and has gone over and above to assist and support us. Angie would liaise with us frequently and keep us informed every step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise in providing us with the best outcome to reduce and repay our debt has been such a relief to us especially during this extremely stressful time.  Debt Rescue and Angie have shown us a light at the end of the tunnel to be debt free and never fall into the credit trap again.

Thank you Angie and Debt Rescue for helping us get our lives back on track and providing us with a brighter future.

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