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Well where do I start? I guess I made one mistake in life and that is when I was married  for 26 years, I used to earn the money but I never knew the household budget and how the money was supposed to be spent. My wife handled all that and I didn’t want to know anything about it (how wrong was that). My marriage broke down in 2013 and that was tough but I was able to move on. I quickly realised that I was  earning big money and I went out and just started spending it on cars and whatever else I wanted. I did this not realising that the ‘big money’ I was earning was quickly going. Life was good for a while, but I had maxed out all my credit card and it soon dawned on me – Oh no! What have I done? I had no money. The repayments were huge, plus the interest was killing me. I started having health problems but still had to work 70+ hours a week and I was still loosing out. I had no money and things really started to get really bad for me.

That’s when I came across my lifesaver, Kimberly. She talked to me honestly and laid it all on the line, talk about a wake up call! I thought, what the hell have I done here? I thought I could just buy  what I wanted and just pay it off, but without really knowing about my regular expenses, I was living way beyond my means. Kimberly spoke to me about entering into a Part 9 Debt Agreement. Even though I didn’t want it at the start, it turns out now it’s been the best thing I have ever done. I have no stress over money, my health is good and I have a new lease on life! Kimberly and Debt Rescue  have been so professional in helping me  get  back on my feet. I still have a long way to go but I can tell you now, it’s my new start in life and I’m 50 yrs old.

Thank you Kimberly, you are my lifesaver and I will be thankful and very grateful to you and your company for all that you have done for me.

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