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Research Insights

Debt Rescue has been helping and caring for thousands of people all over Australia since 2005. We offer a holistic, personalised financial solution to each and every one of our clients.

To ensure we are consistent with providing the best possible service for you, we undertake research and studies into financial trends in Australia. We would like to share our insights with you, so you can keep up to date too.

Income And Debt

Income and debt holding more Australians back than health

Financial factors are stopping more than half of Australians from achieving their life goals, according to research by Debt Rescue part of Lanyana Financial Group. As many as 53.2% of those surveyed responded with income and debt as being the main factor inhibiting their aspirations in life. Physical and mental…

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Afterpay Another Debt Trap

Is Afterpay Another Debt Trap?

We have identified there has been a 271% increase in clients entering new Debt Agreements, who have an Afterpay debt, over the last 6 months compared to be previous 6 months. Over 48% of clients with an Afterpay debt were under 25
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Relationships And Money

Money and Relationships

Money Causing Relationships to End in Tears While money might make the world go around, it remains on the big…

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Kids And Money

Kids and Money

Almost 70% of Australians are dealing with a personal financial struggle. The Mission Australia 2012 Youth Survey spoke to 15,351…

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Debt Stress Survey

Debt Stress Survey

Survey reveals Australia’s “unhealthy” relationship with debt Escalating personal debt is having a huge emotional impact on Australians, , with over…

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