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Do you have clients facing financial hardship but you don’t have the time or resources available to help them? Expand your service offering and keep your clients on board by referring them to Debt Rescue.  Our simple 4 step application process means you can start referring clients straight away and we pay you  for every client you send our way.

Fill In The Form

Fill in the form

Fill in the Expression of Interest Form below. We’ll be in touch with some more information and discuss the best way for us to assist your clients.

Become A Referral Partner

Become a Referral Partner

Become an official Debt Rescue Referral Partner by completing the contract and documents we send you. Once you are on board, we will create a unique referral form for your business.

Refer Clients In Need

Refer Clients in Need

Submit your client’s details online! If you have a client in need of financial assistance and you don’t have the time or resources to help, refer them to us!

Get Paid!

Get Paid!

We offer a lucrative referral fee for every client you send our way. That means you can earn money while you save on your time and resources. It’s win win!

Become a Referral Partner and start earning money!

Can’t help your client further?

Do you have a client who may:

  • Be struggling to meet ATO commitments
  • Always be looking for Payment Plans
  • Be 60 days behind on payments to creditors
  • Be unable afford the minimum repayments on their loans
  • Have been refused finance due to bad credit
  • Be using a credit card and cash loans to repay other debts?

These clients are showing clear signs of financial struggle and Debt Rescue is able to offer them a range of services to get their finances back on track.  Debt doesn’t discriminate, it can be caused by a number of circumstances including job loss, relationship breakdown, medical procedures or even just poor financial decisions.

Debt Rescue offers a range of positive financial solutions to people in debt.

We care about your clients

We will take the time to get to know them, understand their financial situation and tailor a personalised debt relief solution to suit their needs. Our dedicated team of professionals  will work closely with your client to provide the best possible outcome for their debt. These solutions could include:

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