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Keeping cheap flights CHEAP!

If you have managed to bag a cheap holiday, the last thing you want to do is ruin all your hard work by being hit with extra hidden costs.

Here, Debt Rescue names and shames some of the more common costs catching people out so you can go on your holiday well prepared.

The seating plan

When you book cheap flights online, you are asked a barrage of questions. One of which is if you would prefer to select your seat. Things like this cost extra. If you are worried you will be separated from your group or you prefer to sit at the front of the plane, check in as early as you can.

Airline Food

Whether you love it or hate it, it costs you a lot of money to eat it. Snacks on the plane are very expensive. Instead, have a big meal before you leave home and pack snacks to eat while you are waiting for your flight.

Excess Baggage

Every airline has different rules when it comes to baggage limitations whether it’s a certain amount of bags per person or a set weight limit. The cheaper fares offered on special often only include a certain amount of baggage. Ring your airline in advance to make sure you know exactly how much you are allowed to take.

Sporting equipment, like surf boards and golf clubs may incur extra costs, but if you pay for extra baggage in advance it is usually cheaper than having to pay for it at check in.

Ensure you are insured

Whether you drop your new camera or you break an arm, you are going to want to hope you are insured for anything that might happen overseas. Travel insurance is offered at very competitive prices and worth every cent.

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