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How Debt Rescue can help you and your clients

Debt Rescue can help you. Whether you are struggling with debt or you know someone who is, Debt Rescue can help you find a way out.

While most of our clients contact us directly, we also have a number of affiliate partners who find it beneficial to refer their clients to our services.

Debt can be stressful and personal and not everyone realises they are in trouble, let alone that help is available. By referring your clients to us, Debt Rescue can help them get on top of their finances and back on financial track. This way, you will retain a strong relationship with that client, because you helped them out of trouble.

Debt Rescue can help you and your clients.

About Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue was founded in 2005 and is motivated to genuinely assist Australians by offering affordable, viable and positive alternatives for anyone experiencing financial distress.

Our processes were developed by specialist Directors from within the Finance, Accounting, Legal, Financial Planning and Counselling fields.

Administration is conducted by an expert team of Registered Trustees with extensive experience in Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Debt Agreements.

Debt Rescue provides finance brokers and other financial services professionals with access to Debt Agreements (Part IX) through training and accreditation.

Debt Rescue can help you and your clients through a number or options and possibilities. We can help your client get out of debt or train you to do the same.

Benefits to brokers

There are many benefits for brokers and financial professionals to become an affiliate partner. These include:

  •           Retention of refinance/consolidation business
  •           Servicing new and existing client base
  •           Business and income diversification without diversifying your current experience or studying for another degree
  •           Get rewarded for the time you have already spent with the client by finding a solution
  •           Happy clients are the best form of advertising for your business –  navigating clients through challenging times they will be very loyal clients

 Debt Rescue Can Help

If you have clients who are feeling overwhelmed about their debts, Debt Rescue can help them plan their way out.   We have years of experience in personal debt management and can help with practical, easy steps for taking control of finances and your clients future.

Accredited Broker’s Experience with Debt Rescue

After attending a Lending Development Day back in 2006,   Mr Tan Pham a tax agent in Melbourne has been utilising the specialist services of Debt Rescue for his clients.

Mr Pham states, “As a tax agent, I come across clients who experience cash-flow problems.   Some cannot pay their loans, tax, credit cards or investment loan repayments when they fall due.   My clients often have debts and no assets therefore cannot acquire usual bank loans”.

“Debt Rescue has efficiently assisted them in combining debts and making weekly repayments affordable.   My clients are grateful for the services offered by Debt Rescue where others cannot assist”.

If you have clients who are unable to keep up with their current repayments,  cannot obtain further credit due to change in circumstances, insufficient income or equity give us a call. Debt Rescue can help you help and support your clients.

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