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Informal Arrangements

  • Repay your debt
  • Protect your credit file
  • Freeze interest

Don’t let debt ruin your life. Debt Rescue has an experienced team of debt negotiators who can help you eliminate your debt without affecting your credit file!

We offer a number of services which can help you repay your debt and won’t have long lasting consequences of other debt relief methods. Take action now to eliminate your debt before it gets out of control!

Debt Repayment Plan

Are you earning too much or have too much debt to enter a Part IX Debt Agreement? Our Debt Negotiation Team is able to arrange a legally binding informal payment arrangement between you and your creditors. Similar to a formal debt agreement, you will only be paying back a fraction of each dollar you owe and interest and fees will be put on hold. Because this arrangement is negotiated in private, the agreement itself won’t be noted on your credit file.

Lump Sum Debt Settlement

Do you have access to a lump sum of money but it’s not quite enough to pay off your debts in full? We can negotiate with your creditors for them to accept a lump sum, partial payment in satisfaction of your debt. Maybe you have equity in your mortgage or have received an unexpected windfall such as an inheritance or prize money. You can use that money to pay off your debt with one lump sum and get back on your feet without further impacting your credit file.

Mortgage Refinance

Unmanageable credit card and personal loan repayments have a tendency of getting out of control. If you have fallen behind with these payments, your creditors might be pursuing recovery action which could eventually lead to the loss of your home. If you have equity in your mortgage, you can refinance your home loan and consolidate all your debts into one repayment. With mortgage interest rates at an all-time low, you could save thousands in interest payments alone.

Why Choose Debt Rescue?

What do customers really think about Debt Rescue?  See for yourself…

“Phoning  Debt Rescue  was the best thing we did, everyone is so helpful, guiding people through every stage. Debt Rescue cares for the people who seek their help as they put it to us ‘you will be able to live a decent standard of life again without the hounding of creditors’ and they were correct!”

About Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue has helped tens of thousands of Aussies overcome severe financial hardship  since 2005. We are an Australian owned and operated company and pride ourselves  on providing a caring and customer focused solution to debt relief.

Our Case Managers have decades of financial experience.   We can tailor debt relief strategies for anyone struggling with debt and help them get back on track.

Why We Care

Not enough is being done to tackle the issue of personal debt at its core. It is one thing to provide a range of services to help people pay off their debt, it is another to ensure people are educated and armed with the skills required to live a debt-free life.

Debt Rescue has teamed up with the  SunnyKids Charity to do just that! We help families tackle their debt issues head on so they can focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment for their children to grow.

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