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Debt Agreements through Debt Rescue can help you get out of debt.

A Diary of a Debt Agreement

20th February, 2015No Comments

Debt Rescue is a company providing debt relief to Australian’s in need. Our caring team of professionals have years of industry experience and can assess your situation and provide options to assist you out of debt.

In the following paragraphs, you can follow one of our clients as she makes her way through the process of being rescued from her debt.

“I woke up cranky most mornings. Usually the knot in my stomach gave me a few moments grace when I first opened my eyes. It gave me a chance to not think about all the trouble I was in, even just for a few seconds, but increasingly I wasn’t even granted that.
I went to sleep stressed, I had stressful dreams, I woke up stressed and had a stressful day. This was my life in the cruel, twisted clutches of debt.
I never looked at my phone. It was filled with unanswered calls, texts and emails, mostly from banks and debt collectors. I even ignored the sporadic contact from family and friends because I didn’t want to face them. The stress stemming from my debt was debilitating and impacting on every aspect of my life including my job, my relationship and my health.
I was stressing so much about not being able to pay my bills I felt physically sick. I wasn’t eating properly or getting enough sleep at night. My solution to this horrible debt was to simply ignore it in the hope it would go away, but it only ever got worse. I thought there was nothing I could do about it – I just didn’t have enough money to pay it off, plain and simple. What else could I do?
It got to the point where I had banks and debt collectors calling me late at night, early mornings, at work and at home. Each time I thought I could manage a repayment on one debt, I would fall behind on another.
It became quite clear I needed help, so I called Debt Rescue. This would be the first time I had spoken to anyone about my debt, about the problems I was going through and I was terrified to even dial the number. Jacquelyn answered the phone. There was no judgement, no anger and she wasn’t condescending, instead she was understanding, accepting and above all, proactive.
After a conversation about my circumstances, Jacquelyn had come up with a range of options to help me manage my debt – the best of which was a debt agreement. Debt Rescue would become my representative and contact every single bank and company I had an unsecured loan with. This included my credit cards, interest free and personal loans. They would explain my circumstance and negotiate an agreement where I only pay back what I can afford. My interest would be frozen too.
Once I had committed to the Debt Agreement I signed some documents which allowed Debt Rescue to speak on my behalf and the calls from the debt collectors stopped. If I did get a call from a bank or one of my lenders I simply needed to tell them to call Debt Rescue and hang up the phone. Each week I paid the agreed amount to Debt Rescue who distributed the funds to my creditors as per the agreement. Debt Rescue was able to negotiate an amount which allowed me to cover all my living expenses, such as groceries, rent and petrol as well as pay off my debt.
I was able to sleep better at night knowing I was on my way to having my life back on track. I could afford groceries so I could eat better and I even got back in touch with friends. I wasn’t stressed all the time so my work life improved and I was a happier person to be around.
Debt Rescue pulled me out of debt and helped me get my life on track. I tried to go at it alone and I tried to ignore it but it wasn’t until I asked for help when I finally got answers to get out of debt.”

If you can relate to what you read below, we can rescue you too. No two people are the same, and neither are two instances of debt. We tailor make a debt relief solution for our clients to get them out of debt and then provide them with money management strategies so they can stay there.

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