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What is a Debtstroyer Agreement?

A Debtstroyer Agreement is an informal debt agreement which can help you overcome severe debt.

This is a proactive solution set up between you and your creditors allowing you to repay your debts without the lasting consequences of other debt relief solutions.

The informal nature of a Debtstroyer Agreement allows us to negotiate a repayment arrangement or a lump sum settlement of your debts without having a lasting impact on your credit file.

What are the Benefits of a Debtstroyer Agreement?

Destroy your debts with a Debstroyer Agreement. TWe will tailor these informal negotiations to suit your situation.

Protect Credit File

You can avoid entering a formal act of bankruptcy with a Debtstroyer Agreement so it won’t appear on your credit file.

Reduce Debt

We’ll negotiate privately with your creditors to reduce the amount of debt you owe and attempt to freeze the interest and fees.

Tailored Solution

A Debtstroyer Agreement is a unique solution. It could involve a lump sum settlement, repayment arrangement or a complete debt waiver.

Breathe Easy

Blow your debts out of the water with a Debtstroyer Agreement. Pay your debt, preserve your credit score and get on with living.

Am I Eligible?

Debtstroyer Agreements is a private arrangement so there are no specific requirements to be eligible.

However, if your debt is the result of extenuating circumstances, your creditors are more likely to be open to negotiations. Examples of these circumstances include and unexpected:

  • sudden illness or injury
  • temporary change in employment
  • change in living arrangements, such as separation or divorce

A Debtstroyer Agreement is also suitable for people who don’t fit the requirements for a Part 9 Debt Agreement. Likewise, if a formal act of Bankruptcy might impact your employment.

Success Story: Kerry's Debtstroyer Agreement

Kerry is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and is proud to own her own house.

In addition to her mortgage, Kerry has a car under finance, personal loans and credit cards. With a dip in economic conditions, Kerry had a few slow months in a row and her commissions weren’t enough to cover her debt repayments.

Kerry soon found herself in a position where even if her commissions did increase, she wouldn’t be able to catch up with her debts and still afford her everyday living costs.

Kerry quickly found out that declaring bankruptcy or entering a Part 9 Debt Agreement would impact her Real Estate Agent License and she wouldn’t be able to work. She called Debt Rescue for help.

Debt Rescue was able to assist Kerry with a Debtstroyer Agreement. As Kerry was gainfully employed, Debt Rescue was able to propose a reduced repayment arrangement to her creditors based on what she could afford.

Kerry’s creditors accepted our proposal and Kerry was able to repay her debt in affordable instalments and carry on working as a Real Estate Agent.

How we can rescue you

Debt Rescue will assess your circumstances and financial capacity to determine if a Debtstroyer Agreement is suitable for you. Should a Debtstroyer Agreement be the best course of action, Debt Rescue will refer you to RJH Accountants, who specialise in debt negotiation. They are also part of the Lanyana Financial Group.

Creditors and Lenders will quite often have teams of debt collectors who aim to recover as much money as possible for their company. Going head-to-head with these professionals can be incredibly daunting and stressful.

The expert team at RJH Accountants are equally skilled, but they are on your side. Together we take the emotion out of your debt negotiations and use our industry knowledge and experience to get the best outcome for you.

How It Works

Build Proposal

Debt Rescue will discuss your financial situation with you and RJH Accountants to build a proposal to take to your creditors.


The informal negotiations with your creditors will begin. RJH Accountants will strive to achieve the best outcome for you.


RJH Accountants will reach a mutually beneficial agreement between you and your creditors and your Debtstroyer Agreement will come into effect.

Debtstroyer Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

A Debtstroyer Agreement is tailored to suit your personal circumstances. If you have any further questions, feel free to call our friendly Case Managers for an obligation free chat.

Will a Debtstroyer Agreement affect my credit rating?

No.  By entering into a Debtstroyer Agreement your credit rating will not be effected.  Should you not meet the terms of the Debtstroyer Agreement, your creditors will have the right to recommence recovery proceedings which could lead to them listing defaults and judgments on your credit file.

Can I enter a Debtstroyer Agreement while on Centrelink payments?

Yes.  You can enter into a Debtstroyer Agreement while you are on Centrelink benefits.

What debts can be included in a Debtstroyer Agreement?

You can include any debt you owe in a Debtstroyer Agreement. Typically credit cards, personal loans, utility bills and tax debts are included in a Debtstroyer Agreement. Debtstroyer Agreements can also renegotiate your unsecured debts to fit in with a mortgage refinance or debt consolidation loan.

Can joint debts be included in a Debtstroyer Agreement?

You can include joint debts in a Debtstroyer Agreement. However, the co-borrower will need to be party to the Debtstroyer Agreement.

How do I make repayments?

You will pay one regular repayment into an audited trust account.  From there, we will distribute the appropriate funds to your creditors according to the terms of your Debtstroyer Agreement.

Need Help with a Debtstroyer Agreement?

Debt Rescue can call on its team of expert debt negotiators, RJH Accountants, to achieve the best possible outcome. If you have unmanageable debts and you feel as though you have no options left, give Debt Rescue a call. We offer a range of debt relief solutions to assist in all situations. We help thousands of Aussies and we can help you too.

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