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Debtstroyer Agreement - A Permanent Solution

Debtstroyer can be your secret weapon against bad debt

Debtstroyer is your secret weapon against debt

Have you recently had something happen in your life which has left you with unmanageable debts? Maybe you have fallen ill and are now facing ongoing medical costs. Perhaps you have lost or separated from your partner and are struggling to cover your living expenses alone.

You don’t need to struggle through financial hardship in these difficult times. A Debtstroyer Agreement could help you.

What is a Debtstroyer Agreement?

A Debtstroyer Agreement is essentially an informal debt agreement which may reduce your minimum repayment amount, freeze your interest and give you more time to pay off your loans in one easy regular repayment – all without having a negative lasting impact on your credit rating. This is a proactive solution set up between you and your creditors allowing you to repay your debts without the lasting consequences of other alternatives.

How Does a Debtstroyer Agreement Work?

After listening to your hardship story and assessing your financial situation, our Case Managers might recommend a Debtstroyer Agreement as the most appropriate course of action for your financial situation. Other possible solutions might include Debt Consolidation or a Formal Part 9 Debt Agreement. From here, we will negotiate with your creditors to come up with a realistic and achievable repayment plan.

The amount will be calculated according to your circumstance including your income, cost of living and total debts. Often, this means you are only repaying a percentage of every dollar you owe and all future credit is frozen so you can repay your debt quickly and stress-free. As soon as you enter a Debtstroyer Agreement, the creditors must cease all recovery action which means no more harassing phone calls and emails.

A Debtstroyer Agreement won’t Impact your Credit File like other Solutions

One of the best advantages to a Debtstroyer Agreement is it won’t impact further on your credit rating, allowing you a fresh start when your debts are repaid. A Debtstroyer Agreement is negotiated privately with your creditors so your name won’t be placed on the National Personal Insolvency Index which makes it much easier to rebuild your credit file once you have repaid your debt.

Why enter into a Debtstroyer Agreement?

  • Debtstroyer can offer you time to get back on top of your finances and the flexibility to honor your creditors without having to make incredible sacrifices.
  • A Debtstroyer Agreement will  reduce your debt into more manageable repayments and could save you thousands  of dollars through frozen interest and charges.
  • A Debtstroyer Agreement won’t  negatively affect your credit rating like Bankruptcy would.
  • Once you enter a Debtstroyer Agreement the creditors must cease collection actions so you are free from the stress of harassing phone calls and letters.
  • You can own property and vehicles without adhering to a capped value, keep any unexpected  windfalls and continue to run or manage a business.
  • It could save you from having to declare bankruptcy

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