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Debt Rescue in the Community

It’s really important that kids learn all about money too.

It is so important that in your journey to financial freedom and security, that you instil the RIGHT values and money management techniques into your kids.

Recently, when Debt Rescue  was invited to speak to a year 2 class at St Andrew’s Anglican College about what she does for a “job”, (all a part of understanding what parents do in the community), we were so proud because while we are very passionate at Debt Rescue about the solutions we provide to our clients, we are even more passionate about prevention and we believe financial literacy is the key.

During the discussion with a class of 7 year olds Debt Rescue was asked some great questions about what we do and why we like it and how we help the community. It was a great day to share with the kids our passion for helping people to live a fuller, happier and   amore joyful life.

When it was our turn to ask the questions, the responses were amazing; almost every child received pocket money, but it was in remuneration for the successful completion of household tasks – so they were earning it and in turn already had a respect for money.

Huge thanks to the stars of 2KW for their time,   we heard there was lots of talk throughout the week about money choices, Debt Rescue yo-yos and giving even small amounts of money to those less fortunate.

As parents, educators and financial services professionals we (both you and us) have a responsibility to teach children through education and action that:

  • Money is a part of everyday life and is unavoidable
  • We need good money skills & habits from a young age
  • Responsible money attitudes and behaviours are the keys to creating abundance.
  • It makes no difference what you earn… it’s what you do with it that counts!

If you would like to help your children learn the basics now, or believe your school, community group or work place could benefit from a lesson in financial literacy, contact us today and let’s work together to create a stable and bright future for the next generation.

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