Are you being swamped by your loan repayments? Not meeting your day-to-day living expenses?

At Debt Rescue, we can renegotiate your loan terms to help get you back in control of your finances.

How Does Loan Renegotiation Work?

At Debt Rescue, we understand that everyone may struggle with money troubles at least once in their lifetime which leads to getting into debt. And if you haven’t been meeting your repayment arrangements, debt collectors will start knocking on your door and harassing you on the phone. We take the stress out of the situation by negotiating on your behalf with creditors to reduce the amount of interest you pay and increase the loan term with the ultimate goal being to reduce the minimum loan repayment amount.

Generally, creditors are accepting of renegotiation under hardship circumstances. If you have fallen on hard times due to a relationship breakdown, a job loss or illness, you have the right to ask for renegotiation of your loan terms.

At Debt Rescue, we specialise in loan renegotiations. We have years of experience assisting clients get back on their feet and successfully renegotiating repayments on secured debts such as home loans and unsecured debts such as credit cards and personal loans.

What are the Benefits of Loan Renegotiation?

Extended Payment Terms

We aim to negotiate with your creditors to extend the payment terms of your loan. This gives you extra time to pay off your debts, potentially reducing the minimum repayment.

Lower Minimum Repayments

Extending the payment term will lower the minimum amount you are required to pay on your loan each month, making the repayment more manageable.

Interest Rate Reduction

If you entered your loan agreement while you had a bad credit score, it may have improved. We use this to your advantage to negotiate a lower interest rate which may save you thousands.

Frees Up Money for Other Debts

With a lower interest rate, longer loan term and lower minimum repayments, you will have more money each payday to spend on paying down other debts.

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Alternatives to Loan Renegotiation

When you engage our team at Debt Rescue, we will set you up with a Debt Management Plan (DMP). During the DMP process, we work with you to assess your financial situation and understand your circumstances. If you’re struggling with multiple debts, you may need an alternate solution to loan renegotiation which can help reduce your overall outstanding debt amounts and combine them into one affordable repayment schedule, based on your budget. This is where we can assist. Alternative solutions to loan renegotiation include debt consolidation, an Informal Debtstroyer Agreement or a Formal Part 9 Debt Agreement.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can improve your cash flow as it combines your debts into a single loan with one loan repayment, one interest rate and one set of fees. You can consolidate your debt by streamlining it into your mortgage or by taking out a new debt consolidation loan.  Either way, debt consolidation can help you move forward towards a happier, debt-free life.

Informal Debtstroyer Agreement

Our Informal Debtstroyer Agreement is a binding agreement set up between you and your creditors which allows you to repay your debts without the lasting consequences of other debt relief solutions. We negotiate with your creditors a new payment arrangement or lump sum settlement for your debts based on your budget.

Formal Part 9 Debt Agreement

A Debt Agreement is a legally binding arrangement between you and your creditors to outline an affordable repayment schedule to pay off your debts. At Debt Rescue, we specialise in helping clients through the Debt Agreement process to reduce your stress and make your debts more affordable.

How Loan Renegotiation Happens

Get in Touch

Get in touch with us at Debt Rescue and we’ll assess your financial situation and get started with your tailored Debt Management Plan.

Negotiate with Creditors

We do all the heavy lifting and negotiate with creditors on your behalf. We will negotiate a lower interest rate, lower minimum repayment and longer term agreement.


Once your creditors are happy with the new loan repayment terms, you will soon be back in control of your finances.

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Need help with loan renegotiation?

At Debt Rescue, we’re here to help you take control of your debt. We only recommend trusted lenders who can assist in your particular circumstances. Helping you achieve a debt- and stress-free life is our number one priority.

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