Our Solutions

At Debt Rescue, we understand everyone’s situation is different, which is why we offer a range of debt relief solutions. We’ll take the time to understand your circumstances and recommend the best course of action to help you get out of debt and find financial relief. Debt Rescue is passionate about financial education, so our solutions are designed to help you develop your money management skills along the way. This will help reduce the risk of falling into debt again.

Debt Agreement

A Part 9 Debt Agreement is a legal and binding agreement with your creditors. It outlines a new payment arrangement which will reduce your debts, pause your interest and generally last between 3 to 5 years.

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Debtstroyer Agreement

A Debtstroyer Agreement (Informal Agreement) is a private arrangement between you and your creditors outlining a new payment arrangement based on your budget. It reduces repayments and pauses interest on your debts.

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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation allows you to combine your unsecured debts into a new personal loan or into your home loan. By doing this, fees and interest are reduced and you only need to focus on one affordable payment rather than multiple.

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Bankruptcy is the legal process of declaring to your creditors that you don’t have enough money or value in assets to repay your debts. It eliminates your debts and provides you with a fresh start on which to rebuild your finances.

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Business Debt

We offer a range of formal and informal business debt relief solutions to help turn your business around such as business debt negotiation, business turnaround, Voluntary Administration and Company Liquidation.

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Budgeting Services

Budgeting is an important tool in managing your finances and avoiding stressful situations like missing bills or falling into debt. At Debt Rescue, we can provide the budget help that best suits your financial situation.

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"My experience once being handed over to Debt Rescue has been easy and I've been updated frequently on progress and next steps. Very happy with the service"

Let us Tailor a Solution that is Right for You

With multiple offices across Australia and the offering of online services, Debt Rescue can help you get out of debt no matter where you are.