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Find Debt Relief in Melbourne at Debt Rescue

Debt Relief in Melbourne is  much sought after with nearly 70% of Aussies claiming they have suffered from financial stress.

Melbourne locals experiencing debt stress can turn to Debt Rescue for help. Debt Rescue is a specialist in debt relief in Melbourne. It can offer positive solutions to debt such as Debt Consolidation, Debt Refinancing, Debt Agreements, Debtstroyer Agreements and can even assist with Bankruptcy.

Established in 2005, Debt Rescue has played a pivotal role in the development of the personal debt management industry and is known as a well trusted authority in the field.

It is a trusted place to turn for debt relief in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Premier Debt Consolidation Company

When debt becomes a problem, Debt Rescue can help. It offers a wide range of debt relief strategies to get you out of debt. A popular way to get out of debt in Melbourne  is through Debt Consolidation.

There are various forms of debt consolidation, through loans, credit cards and insolvency agreements.

A Debt Consolidation Loan would be used to pay out your existing debts leaving you with one repayment and one set of fees and interest. This form of Debt Consolidation is best suited to people who have only just begun to feel the sting of financial stress.

If your credit cards are out of control you could consolidate the debts onto a single low interest card, allowing more time and a reduced interest rate to pay down your debts.

Another way to consolidate your debts in Melbourne is with a Debt Agreement.

Use a Debt Agreement to Get Out Of Debt

Debt Rescue is a registered Debt Agreement Administrator and servises Melbourne and its surrounding regions.

A Debt Agreement  is a formal arrangement between you and your creditors that is governed by Federal legislation. It will allow you to repay a percentage of each dollar you owe to your creditors while any further interest is frozen.

A Debt Agreement is a good form of debt relief in Melbourne for those who are struggling with their finances.

Don’t go through Bankruptcy alone

Bankruptcy is a scary and daunting process filled with stress and confusion. If you need debt relief in Melbourne and are considering bankruptcy, you don’t have to face it alone. Debt Rescue will guide you through the bankruptcy process, double check your documentation and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Bankruptcy might not be the only way out of your debt problem. By talking to a Debt Rescue Case Manager you could find various other strategies for debt relief in Melbourne.

How We can Help

If you are looking for debt relief in Melbourne, Debt Rescue can run you through some debt relief strategies and determine the best course of action for you. Whether you decide to use Debt Consolidation, a Debt Agreement or Bankruptcy   to get out of debt, Debt Rescue can help with debt relief in Melbourne.

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