How does debt consolidation work in Perth?

Debt consolidation is the process of combining all of your existing debts into a single, easy-to-manage debt. If you’re looking for debt consolidation in Perth, your friendly Case Manager from Debt Rescue can help you find the best solution for your specific circumstances.

How can debt consolidation benefit me?

Debt consolidation can benefit you in a variety of ways. In most cases, you’ll stand to:

Pay Less Interest
A lot of pay-day and ‘instant’ loans come with very high interest, which can be cut by consolidating.

Make Payments Simpler
With only one repayment to make, you can take complete control of your finances.

Minimise Fees
Again, with fewer loans in the mix, you can reduce the number of fees you’re paying.

Relieve Your Stress
There’s no better feeling than taking control over your debts!

FAQs of Debt Consolidation

What are my debt consolidation options?

Our Case Managers have a wealth of experience in delivering debt consolidation services to WA. They’ll get to know a little about you and your financial situation and then most likely propose one of two solutions:

  • Debt Consolidation Home Loan – We can help you use the equity on your home loan and consolidate your debts into a refinanced mortgage. So instead of making repayments across a series of debts, you can make a single, regular repayment to your mortgage.
  • Personal Loan – In the same way, your Case Manager can combine all your existing debts into a single, affordable loan. With one set of fees and a more affordable interest rate, you can make your debts more affordable.

What is the process for debt consolidation in WA?

Debt consolidation is an easier process than you might expect. In 3 steps, you can have your loans consolidated.

  1. The Referral – Your Case Manager will refer you to a few of our preferred consolidation and lending partners, who can offer a suitable solution to your circumstances.
  2. The Application – With your Case Manager’s advice, you can apply for the right services from the right lenders. We’ll even help you strengthen your financial position as best we can to improve your chances of being approved.
  3. Approval – When you’re approved for your loan, your existing debts will be paid out in full. With your previous bad debts out of the way, you can make easy repayments on a single loan.

How does debt consolidation work in Perth?

Want to learn more about debt consolidation in Perth? Chat with your local Case Manager and start relieving your debt-related stress.

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