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Debt Agreement Proposals are an agreement between you and your creditors outlining a new payment arrangement.

Debt Agreement Proposals to get out of bad debt

A Debt Agreement Proposal is a saving grace for people who have fallen  behind in their finances. Job loss, illness, death or even mismanaged budgets can see Aussies fall behind on their loan repayments. If you fall far enough behind, you might require the use of a Debt Agreement Proposal to get back on top of things.

Debt Agreement Proposals Explained

A Debt Agreement Proposal is a suggestion from you to your  creditors which offers an alternative payment arrangement than the one currently in place. In the process of entering into a debt agreement, you  must submit a proposal to the creditors offering an alternative to the current payment arrangement. The  Debt Agreement Proposal should reflect an achievable and sustainable arrangement based on your expected income from all sources, household expenses and circumstances.

What to expect from a Debt Agreement Proposal

Depending on your circumstances, you could propose a number of payment options. Some of the more common Debt Agreement Proposal arrangements include:

  • Regular periodic payments out of your income  to creditors. These can be equal to or less than the full amount owed on all the debts.
  • A lump sum payment of less than the full amount of all debts
  • A moratorium on payment of debts
  • Payment from the proceeds of sale of property or other major assets

Entering into a Debt Agreement Proposal

A Debt Agreement Proposal must comply with a wide range of requirements set out by the  Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA). It is AFSA’s job to ensure a Debt Agreement Proposal meets eligibility. It does this by clarifying aspects of proposals to ensure creditors are well informed.  It also conducts the voting process with creditors. Once the Debt Agreement Proposal has been put together it is sent to the creditors to vote on. For your Debt Agreement Proposal to be approved you need to gain the vote of creditors who hold more than 50% of the value of your debt. Once you have their approval, all creditors are bound to the agreement, even those who voted against it. Once you have successfully entered a Debt Agreement Proposal creditors cannot take or continue recovery action against  you, so no more harassing phone calls.

Where to go for help

Debt Rescue is a specialists debt management company with a focus on helping Aussies out of Debt. It offers a range of debt relief solutions including Debt Agreement Proposals. For more information or for general assistance with your debt, call Debt Rescue today and Talk To An Aussie Who Cares.

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