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Debt Agreement

James and Sally are a young family with one child. James is currently employed, earning $46,000a year. Sally is not currently working and receives $6,000 in Centrelink benefits.
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Debtstroyer Agreement

Stacey is a single parent with 2 school children. She currently a licensed Real Estate agent working a full-time commission basis and receives on average $72,000 per year after tax. She has unsecured debts of $102,000.
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Debtstroyer Agreement: A Permanent Solution

Victor is an elderly person (aged 63) with medical complications, with no prospects of returning to work. He currently receives a Centrelink Disability Pension and a small Insurance payment ($26,000 per year). He has unsecured debts of $22,000.
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Debt Consolidation

Jarred is single and is in full-time employment. He has few assets but does own a car worth $11,000. He has numerous small debts and a few credit cards.
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