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Do you have Bad Credit and need Credit Help?

Debt Rescue can get you out of debt

If you have bad credit and need credit help, Debt Rescue is the one place you can turn to for help.

Being in debt often  comes hand in hand with having a bad credit rating.  And at times your bad credit rating can stop you from improving your debt situation.

Having a bad credit rating can prevent you from getting a loan and defaults and judgements stay with you for years.

How to fix Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit rating the only thing that can fix it is time.  Once resolved or paid, a default or judgement will stay on your credit file for a minimum of three years.

You can contact a credit reporting agency to remove a disputed default however, you can rarely change the listings on your bad credit file.  You just need to improve your money management skills, demonstrate a pattern of savings or good debt repayments and wait it out.

Working with Bad Credit

Having a bad credit rating isn’t the end of the world.  There are non conforming lenders out there who specialise in lending to people in the grey area of finance.  These  non-conforming loans can assist you in improving your bad credit file as long as you make your regular repayments on the loan.

Through Positive Solutions Finance, Debt Rescue can help you find a loan for bad credit.  Positive Solutions Finance does not lend itself but rather calls on a data base of non-conforming lenders to help you find the best loan product for you.

Credit Help

If you need help credit help, call us today to talk to a Debt Rescue Case Manager. We will help you find a solution so that your credit problems will be a thing of the past.

Talk to an Aussie Who Cares.  Contact Debt Rescue today.

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