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Debt Rescue | Positive Solutions

Debt Rescue was formed in 2005 by a group of experienced financial services professionals to provide positive solutions to people with debt problems.

They have invested an enormous amount of time, money and effort to provide solutions to their clients which not only comply with the strict requirements of the regulatory authorities, but meet their unique needs as well.

The Problem

Regardless of the shape of the economy, it’s a fact that many Australians fall into severe financial trouble.

This may be caused by a lot of things, but often through the loss/lack of employment, a medical condition, the higher cost of living or simply through poor money management skills. Unfortunately, it happens.

Without pointing blame at the cause, the fact still remains that debt pressures for many Australians are debilitating and cause a raft of emotional side-effects for the individual and their family.

Our Positive Solution

Debt Rescue is a company working to be known for changing the stigma associated with debt through bringing debt management into mainstream consciousness.

We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Having developed systems and procedures tailored to efficiently provide positive solutions for clients in a caring, non-confronting, client focused environment.
  • Providing clients with easy to understand structured strategies on ways to eliminate or reduce debt as solutions to immediate financial problems.
  • Utilising a customised debt management software system to effectively manage the client process. The software is extensive and tailored to track and manage all aspects of the client workflow from initial point of contact to full administration of debt agreements and other debt management options.
  • Combining the extensive experience and knowledge of the Directors and key staff whose strengths in the different facets of the business help to facilitate a healthy growth strategy of the group.

This is achieved through the use of informal and formal debt agreements, creditor negotiations and other alternatives to bankruptcy which allows for:

  • A platform to help before the point of desperation for clients who are not aware of the variety of options available to them
  • Proven methods to assist without damaging their credit file
  • Increased likelihood of clients keeping their family home
  • Less debt
  • Strategies to reduce debt
  • Increased financial literacy and money management skills

Our Team

Our mission is to rescue clients from the overwhelming reality of debt by providing an encouraging, caring and positive experience. Our team has extensive experience in all facets of financial and budget management and we have rescued many Australians from the emotional rollercoaster of debt.

We don’t just give you a quick-fix, one-size-fits-all solution and leave you to fend for yourself. We will get to know you and your personal situation to devise a long term plan that will give you the skills to get out of debt and stay debt free.

Debt Rescue is an Australian owned and based company with a team of consultants and accredited brokers located throughout Australia. Our case managers are motivated to genuinely assist Australians by offering affordable, attractive and viable alternatives for anyone experiencing financial distress.

We invite you to Talk to an Aussie Who Cares™.

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