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Debt Rescue

Leave your debt worries behind with

Do you feel totally overwhelmed by your situation?

Do you feel there is no way out, no matter which way you look?

Do you feel so completely helpless and vulnerable that you can’t sleep, eat or function normally?

We understand the enormous toll financial stress can have on you, your family and your lifestyle.  This is why we CARE.

When you feel you have no way out of financial difficulty, it can be exhausting.  So much time can be wasted worrying about debt, when we have the solution for you and can fix it today.

We CARE and we are committed to make a difference, whether this is for you, your business or someone close to you.

We CARE about You.

We take the time to understand your situation and help you get the right solution.

We FREE you from Debt.

We have a range of solutions to cover any debt situation you or your business may be in.

We have NO hidden Fees.

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent. So you won’t expect any surprises.

How We Help You

Our friendly team has years of experience in providing debt solutions.

Debt Rescue has been helping and caring for thousands of people all over Australia since 2005. We offer a holistic, personalised financial solution to each and every one of our clients.

We take the time to understand your financial position and the causes leading to your current circumstances.

We will work with you to find the best financial solution for your debt problem and guide you throughout the complete journey in becoming debt free.

We provide you with as much information as possible upfront, so you can make a confident and informed decision…. and remember, we are only a phone call away for you to become debt free.

Why Choose Debt Rescue

We offer a range of solutions to suit you.
Debt Agreements are available at Debt Rescue

Debt Agreements

A Debt Agreement is a formal arrangement between you and your creditors that is governed by Federal legislation. It will allow you to repay a percentage of each dollar you owe to your creditors while any further interest is frozen.More About Debt Agreements »
Debt refinancing and debt consolidation at Debt Rescue

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation and loan refinancing can be a great step in getting your finances back under control. These options could reduce your repayment amount, slash your interest or roll several debts into one, manageable repayment.More About Debt Consolidation »
Debtstroyer Agreement at Debt Rescue


A Debtstroyer Agreement will help to reduce your minimum repayment, freeze your interest and give you more time to pay off your loans in one easy regular repayment. All this can be done without having a negative impact on your credit rating.More About Debtstroyer »
Debt Rescue Provides Budgeting Advice and Money Management services

Budgeting Advice

An achievable budget is an essential tool for leading a debt-free life. If you feel as though you are starting to fall behind with your finances or want to find effective ways to manage your money, we can help by offering budgeting advice.More About Budgeting »
Declare Bankruptcy with Debt Rescue

Declare Bankruptcy

At Debt Rescue, we consider all alternatives to avoid bankruptcy before suggesting this course of action. However in some cases, it may be the only way out. We let you know the ins-and-outs of bankruptcy so you can make an informed decision.More About Bankruptcy »
Debt Rescue can help you out of debt

Business Debt Help

In Australia’s challenging economic climate, even the most successful business can fall prey to volatile market conditions and cash flow pressures. If your business is struggling, we have a number of options to help you turn it around.More About Business Debt »

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We have helped and cared for thousands of clients all over Australia.