Why We Care


Have you ever been in situation where you felt totally overwhelmed?

Or a situation where you could see no way out, no matter what angle you look at it?

Have you been completely helpless and so vulnerable that you can’t sleep, eat or function normally?

That’s what financial pressures can cause. Continued stress of any sort, but particularly financial stress can have traumatic effects on individuals, their family and associated businesses alike. It affects the whole community, one way or another.

In some cases, several financial pressures have caused mental illness like anxiety and depression and is even known to be the cause of suicide.

This is why we care. People feeling as though they have no way out of financial difficulty s truly horrible and not enough is being done in today’s society to remedy it. Too much focus is being placed on the result, instead of the cause and it’s our commitment to this cause which has made Debt Rescue to the company it is today.

We CARE and we are committed to make a difference to every individual, business, association or industry in need.

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