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Is your debt out of control?

Are you struggling to pay your credit card bills? Inundated with late repayments? Receiving harassing calls from your creditors to pay debts you simply can’t afford?

You don’t have to live with the stress of financial hardship. You can take back control of your finances and your life with the help of Debt Rescue. Debt Rescue offers a range of debt relief services to help you no matter what stage of debt you are in. With a number of trusted referral partners on board, we are able to offer a selection of debt relief options, from budgeting, through to informal arrangements, Debt Consolidation and Part 9 Debt Agreements.

If you are sick of living with your debt, take action today. Call Debt Rescue on 1800 00 3328 or fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with your shortly.

We can help you avoid bankruptcy with:

Success Stories:

  • Stacey's Debtstroyer Agreement

    Stacey's world was turned upside down when her income was permanently reduced. As a single parent, she needed a solution with minimal impact on her credit file to allow her to keep working in her chosen profession. She entered a Debtstroyer Agreement and the debt negotiators were able to arrange a reduced debt repayment over 4 years. Stacey was able to repay her debts while still being able to afford her day to day expenses and because a Debtstroyer Agreement is an informal arrangement, it wasn't marked on her credit file and she could continue to work as a Real Estate Agent.

  • Jarred's Debt Consolidation

    Jarred has a number of small loans and credit cards totaling $8200. Jarred found his debts were unmanageable and he was unable to pay them and still afford his weekly living expenses. We were able to work with Jarred to find a suitable lender willing to give Jarred a Debt Consolidation Loan of $8500. His weekly debt repayments went from $390 a week to $72 a week improving his cash flow for his weekly living expenses.

  • James and Sally's Debt Agreement

    James and Sally are recently married with a young child. James has a full time job and Sally is earning Centrelink Benefits. James suffered an injury and was unable to work for four months which meant they had to put most of their expenses on their credit cards and take out personal loans. After a while, these debts became unmanagable. Debt Rescue was able to organise a Debt Agreement for James and Sally by offering their creditors a reduced amount they could afford. All interest was frozen and the couple were able to repay their debts off over 4 years.