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Many Australians have become accustomed to using a 'spending account' rather than a 'savings account'. If this is you, know that you're not alone - most Australian's have never received an education on money management skills.

A clear, fool-proof budget is a critical tool in keeping on top of your finances and avoiding embarrassing or stressful situations like missing bills or falling into debt.

If you think you're spending too much, or you're in debt and it's causing you stress, our friendly Case Managers can help. They can help you figure out exactly how much money you need on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, which will help you tremendously with your money management and get you back on track to a bright future.

As we travel through life it's easy to create a pile of debts that you can never seem to get on top of: credit card; car loan; personal loans and mortgage repayments. This leaves you feeling hopeless and most likely leaves you under a lot of stress.

If you'd like to relieve yourself of your debts, there is a solution. By consolidating your debt or refinancing it, you can start with a clean slate; just one easy payment, lower interest rates and reduced repayments. Not only can this help you to pay off your debt sooner, but it can also relieve your mental burden and help with cashflow.

A Debtstroyer Agreement is a solution which can help reduce your minimum repayment amount, freeze your interest and give you more time to pay off your debts in one easy regular repayment – all without having a negative impact on your credit rating. Essentially, it is an informal Debt Agreement set up andministered by us, allowing you to repay your debt with minimal lasting consequences.

A Debtstroyer Agreement is incredibly flexible and allows our Case Managers to include as many or as few debts as needed, whether they are secured or unsecured. There are no restrictions on how much you are earning, your financial history, your assets or the amount of debt you owe to enter a Debtstroyer Agreement.

If you want to save thousands in interest, maintain your credit rating and give yourself more time to pay off your debt, speak to us about a Debstroyer Agreement.

Simply put, a Debt Agreement is a formal arrangement set up and administered by us, that is legislated by the government. It will allow you to repay a percentage of each dollar you owe to your creditors while any further interest is frozen.

The professional case managers at Debt Rescue will negotiate with your creditors, saving you the time and stress involved in dealing with several financial institutions. As soon as your Debt Agreement has been approved, the harassing phone calls will cease, leaving you free to pay off a debt you can afford in peace.

Bankruptcy is considered the last resort, but it may be the only way out. Before considering bankruptcy however, we will consider all the alternatives. If your debts are unmanageable and other strategies don’t fit your needs, bankruptcy could be an option for you.

The issue of bankruptcy is often taboo and there are many myths about how it works. Despite what many people think, filing for bankruptcy is not simple, easy or convenient, and there are many restrictions and obligations you must comply with first. Debt Rescue will walk you through the process, guiding you through any obligations or compliances.

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