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Our Services

We Can Rescue You from Debt

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debts, Debt Rescue can help you plan your way out with our services.

The caring and professional Australian-based team has years of experience in personal debt management and we can help you with practical, easy steps for taking control of your finances and your future.

Debt Rescue is motivated to genuinely assist Australians by offering affordable, viable and positive alternatives for anyone experiencing financial distress.

Our Services are suited to a range of people at different levels of debt so we can help you whether you are looking to stay on top of your bills with budgeting or you are staring bankruptcy in the face.

We take the time to get to know you, your situation and your debt so we can recommend the best possible selection of our services for you.


  • Debtstroyer Agreement

    A Debtstroyer Agreement is your secret weapon against bad debt. Essentially it is an informal debt agreement between you and your creditors outlining a payment schedule better suited to your current circumstances.

    A Debtstroyer Agreement can reduce your overall debt amount, freeze your interest and fees and get your creditors off your back, all without having an impact on your credit file.

  • Formal Debt Agreement

    A Formal Debt Agreement is a government regulated contract between you and your creditors monitored by Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

    A Debt Agreement will outline a new debt repayment schedule better suited to your current situation and can reduce your overall debt amount, freeze your interest and fees and get the creditors off your back.

  • Bankruptcy

    Sometimes the only way out of an adverse debt situation is to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has many restrictions and regulations you must adhere to throughout the term of the agreement, but for people in bad debt, it can also provide a solid foundation from which to rebuild your finances.

    Debt Rescue can offer our services to assist you with the bankruptcy process so it isn’t daunting or stressful.