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Reasons for Debt in Australia

So you've wound up in debt and you can't understand why? There are a number of common reasons for debt in Australia. It can happen to anyone and often, all it takes is one event to knock you off financial…

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How do banks make money?

The Banking Royal Commission has revealed a series of scandals from the Big 4 Banks.  Craig Meller,  AMP's Chief Executive Officer, has resigned from his position with immediate effect. Known for making money through credit card interest and fees, banks…

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Bridging the Gap between Women and Super

One of the greatest financial challenges women still face today is that they are earning and retiring with less superannuation than men. According to the 2017 Hilda survey, the average superannuation balance for women at retirement was $230,907, with men…

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Dealing with debt in a break up

When a relationship breaks down and two people who have come to rely on each other part ways, it can be hard to adjust to your new lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself financially both during…

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How to Handle a Tax Debt

With Tax Time fast approaching I want to take this opportunity to talk about Tax Debt. Keeping up to date with taxes is a chore that haunts thousands of Australians but it is absolutely essential and beneficial to do so.…

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